HAVOC Scooter 110mm Wheels

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All of our Havoc Pro 110mm wheels come with Havoc Pro bearings, with a rating of 85-88 Pu, they are a perfect blend of rebound and stiffness making for a smooth and fast ride. Many street riders prefer our Havoc Pro 110mm’s due to rideability for street features, but if your looking to catch big air in the park scene, switch up to our 120mm wheels !

Havoc Pro Scooters takes pride in all of their scooter parts, including some of the best pro scooter wheels on the markets. Havoc Pro Scooters offers three sizes: 100mm, 110mm, and 120mm.  We offer high quality trick scooter wheels and stunt scooter wheels. Havoc Scooter wheels offer in 3 new colours to our 110mm selection, including black on orange rubber, black on purple rubber, and chrome on white rubber. Not to mention all the other colours including black on black, oil slick, blue on black, blue on blue, green on green, pink on pink.

All of our wheels come ready with a set of prepacked Havoc Pro bearings, and with a rating of 85-88 pu, they make for the perfect balance between stifness, and rebound for the perfect ride possible. The types of wheels we offer range from Full core, hollow core, to the classic spoked wheels, we are proud to offer a great selection of products for our customers and our riders.

*Price is per wheel*