Strider Racing in BC

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Strider Racing in BC

*Due to Covid-19, please contact any BMX club to check in about their current protocols*

Strider bikes have now become a part of the BMX circuit across BC and the world! 

Locally, we race at the Langley BMX and Abbotsford BMX Tracks.
Both tracks are located in the Fraser Valley of Beautiful BC  and sanctioned by USA/Canada BMX.
The racing season is weather dependent but generally runs late March to Mid-October!  
Check out Langley & Abbotsford BMX on Facebook for more info and to stay up to date with weather related cancellations:

Striders race on half of the track (last 2 straights) and are referred to as ‘half trackers’ at the track.  Any balance bike is welcome, they do not have to be Strider brand. Racers can be any bike riding age or ability (18 months-5 years).  Four-5 year olds on their pedals are also welcome to race half of the track, as the full track can be intimidating for young and new riders.  In order to keep the number of people on the track to a minimum, both tracks provide adult pushers for the bigger hills.

A one year Strider membership through BMX Canada is nominal and last a full calendar year from date of purchase. This covers membership dues and insurance.  Balance Bike racing at Langley BMX & Abbotsford BMX is roughly $5 per race day. Memberships can be purchased at the track during any race or practice night.  With Covid restriction, please reach out to the track for any changes to their registration information. Pre-register your child as the tracks can accommodate any number of riders, the more the merrier! 

For schedules, reach out to the tracks to see when they have practice and race days.  As both tracks are open year round, we recommend if you take your child, to explain the normal direction of the track. This ensures when we have 25+ half trackers out racing, all kids are going the same direction, as safety is our biggest priority. Safety first, then fun! Each race day consists of 3 races. Half track races are done back to back to back.  Only after cones are put out and a BMX track executive is present can half trackers get some practice laps in before their 3 races. The first time your child races, they get a trophy! 

There is minimum racing attire required: close toed shoes, a helmet (does not need to be full face for half track), long sleeve pants and a long sleeve shirt.  A numberplate is also required (the number is issued to you with your membership).  Safety gear is all optional but highly recommended.  This may include full face helmets, elbow/knee pad sets or gloves.

In B.C. there are a number of local tracks. Your membership is valid at any other BMX Canada Tracks. There are also National Races each summer at some of these tracks. Any Strider rider is allowed to attend these events! They usually have $25 entry fees, all racers get a trophy and it’s tons of fun!  

At both BMX tracks during race days there is a concession and bathrooms on site. The track is volunteer based so if you feel like helping out, please ask!

Any board member will be able to help you out. There’s no dumb questions, everyone is new at some point! There is a great community feel here!

If you have a question that has not been answered here, please contact me.

Racing photo credits: Lee Cejalvo Photography